Narcissa: A Graphic Novel


Bibliographic Citation
Title: Narcissa: Graphic Novel
Author: Lance Tooks
Illustrator: Lance Tooks
Publisher: Doubleday
Publishing Date: 2002
Publishing City: New York
Ages: 17 and up
ISBN: 978-0385503426

Annotation: Narcissa is a African American feminist-Afro centric film maker, who is on a quest to live life to the fullest before her time on earth runs out. She is also trying to save her film from the hands of a sleazy studio executive.

Eng 233A: 12th grade English special topics

Review: This graphic novels challenges racial stereotypes (specifically the way African Americans are depicted in movies). Narcissa is attempting to change that dominant perception while also trying to do something innovative with her own life in addition to trying to escape her death sentence.

Lesson Plan for Narcissa

Discussion Questions:
1.) What did you think about the way Narcissa was drawn both the character and the layout of the story?
2.) Do you think the examples of African American Stereotypes exist in real life why or why not?
3.) Does this graphic novel offer up examples of the way that Black people are othered?

15 minute free write and drawing

Lecture: I wanted to discuss the way Narcissa pontificates on religion and how she centers herself within the graphic novel. Examples of pages that I wanted to look at are when she is hold the world in her hands and her desire to make a movie that counteract controlling images around black people.

Homework: Write a one page response paper on Narcissa or draw a two page six panel response.


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